• For any inflatable supervision by adults is necessary.
  • There is a possibility to provide a teacher safety officer that will be present in your inflatable game for supervision during the parties.
  • For safety and  hygiene reasons, on the games children should play without shoes, watches, sunglasses, candy, food, chewing gum.
  • Paint, confetti, inks, chewing gum, candy, ribbons, poppers are prohibited around the inflatable.
  • Our Company assumes no liability for accidents and injuries that may occur during the party.
  • In case of unexpected weather conditions Inflatables will not be provided.
  • Cancellation of the party three days before the scheduled date will be charge free.
  • If the game reaches its destination you will be charged with 25% of the agreed price. If the Inflatable is set up and then canceled it will be charged with 40% of the agreed price.
  • Prices do not include VAT, but VAT is included in the transfer, the assessment of the site and the installation and packing at the end of your party.

Prices are for private parties of children and not for local companies and organizations.